Clothing Connect believes in working both locally and globally so we source local experts to work in partnership with our consultants so we can bring both local knowledge and a global vision to help create leverage for your company to gain access to both local and international markets.

Using digital innovation and trade preferences to connect global SMEs through cross border trade

A new concept: #shopbyimpact - making a difference each time you buy a beautiful product and turn dreams into reality! is one of the first online e-commerce portals that focuses on providing consumers with a solution to 'shop by impact' while bringing stories of skilled artisans, artists and passionate entreprenerus from around the world from places such as Guatemala, Ethiopia, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Myanmar, Tajikistan, Peru, India, Brazil and beyond.

Ethiopia – training for young entrepreneurs

Location: Ethiopia, November 2014 – November 2015

For the incubator project YEP Ethiopia, Young Entrepreneur Programme 2014 – 15, prepared and carried out distance guidance for the group of young entrepreneurs, mainly women.

Empowering women in fashion and textiles globally for gender equality

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands, London, UK, Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan) Ethiopia, Peru, September 2012 – Present

Focussing on the key issues of importance for women entrepreneurs and workers, SPINNA’s has brought together industry leaders together in New York, London, and Amsterdam to discuss issues and present solutions to bring smaller women entrepreneurs into the mainstream of the fashion and textiles sector thereby seeing a massive impact on development of families and communities.

Myanmar – Direct exports to the EU using GSP

Location: Myanmar, Nov 2013 – Dec 2019

Objective: As a newly emerging garment manufacturing country, Myanmar's garment manufacturers are keen to learn and connect with the industry in Europe. The overall objective is to provide inputs towards moving from CMP exports to direct FOB exports for the manufacturers.

Programme Manager, CBI for Asia and Latin America: Myanmar, Guatemala, Peru, Mongolia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstaneferences to connect global SMEs through cross border trade

Using networks and connections, programme activities have been set up to build a sustainable profitable business model through a diverse and yet specialised network of associates and experts across Central, South and South East Africa, South and Central America and Eastern Europe who consistently provide focused inputs to clients and their teams internationally.

Gap Analysis of Supply chain for textiles and garments

Location: UK, August 2016 – November 2016

Outcome: The study provided Solidaridad with a mapping, analysis, comparison and recommendations on Social and Environmental Issues in Tier 1, 2 and 3 of the textiles and garments value chain.

Guatemala – Association Agreement with EU

Location: Guatemala, UK, NL, 2014 – 2017

Objective: The focus of CBI's Export Coaching Programme in Guatemala was set up in collaboration with the sector association - VESTEX in Guatemala to support industry to avail of the opportunities provided through the EU – Central America Association Agreement with market access to the EU, a new market for Central American textile and garment manufacturers and exporters.

Programme for Enterprise Mauritius, Mauritius - Sector strategy development for garment and textiles

Facilitated an industry wide sector strategy development for key stakeholders in Mauritius for the local and regional industry. Brought together key stakeholders from the sector including public and private players to develop market access plans for emerging and new markets as well as new product strategies for traditional markets.

At USAID/Chemonics International Central Asia – training and export development for over 100 women

Phase 1 2013 - 2014: Central Asia - Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan As project manager, together with a dynamic team, designed and developed the project focussed on identifying, documenting and increasing visibility of women entrepreneurs and textile and clothing industry artisans from Central Asia in Western Europe.

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