Benchmarking Competitiveness . Value Chain Analysis. Sector Strategy. Stategic Sourcing. Market Linkages. Consulting. Training & Mentoring.
Benchmarking Competitiveness

Assessing the competitiveness of the company/sector/country within their market segment.  This can involve both quantitative and qualitative studies in order to identify strengths and weaknesses in comparison with the client’s competitors. This shows where the client lies in the market and the areas where improvements can be made for the client to build effective strategies that will give them a market edge and greater profit.

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Value Chain Analysis


By mapping the value chain of the clothing and textiles industry within a territory, the client can visualise the overall offering that the country or territory can provide.  Strengths, weakness and opportunities can be identified in order to create a business case to develop working business partnerships and supply lines.

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Sector Strategy

This can follow on from a study such as benchmarking and value chain analysis.  Using the information gathered from a study we can build a business case or a sector strategy to take you forward.

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Strategic Sourcing

Finding the right materials from reliable sources is vital within any manufacturing industry.  Through our extensive databases and research tools we can identify and connect our clients to new suppliers with key information to enable our client to make the best choice of supplier for their project.

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Market Linkages

Finding the right partners to work with, good manufacturers, new suppliers can be very difficult, but with Clothing Connect’s world-wide network, knowledge base and research tools finding and connecting working partnerships is straightforward, creating linkages across geographies that turn into profitable working relationships.

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We have a world-wide network of consultants that we can draw on to provide the appropriate consultancy that the client needs to develop their business.  We are able to scale the consultancy project to the client organisation whether they are a small business in start up, a large trading company in any geographic location in the world. We work with clients to consult in a way that is sensitive to their culture and their ambitions.  One of our strengths is being flexible enough to work in both a global and locally focused way.

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Training & Mentoring

Clothing Connect has developed and delivered many successful training and mentoring programmes.  We first assess the needs of the client in order to develop the structure, content and delivery style of the training programme.  Further support can be offered in mentoring and distance learning in order to implement and consolidate the training provided.

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