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Like many great ideas, SPINNA was forged over a passionate conversation in a café in Paris. SPINNA began life as a project run by Clothing Connect B.V. to engage with more women textile workers and company owners globally to encourage managerial and entrepreneurial development while providing the fashion retail industry with great new options and products with real stories. In April 2010, Rupa Ganguli launched a unique foundation that has since run several programmes to further its vision of economic empowerment for women through trade in the textiles and fashion. This became SPINNA Circle.

is made up of a network of textile groups called ‘circles’ locally and globally. These work on a ‘hub and spoke’ approach and are connected through an online dedicated networking platform. SPINNA Circle supports the growth of women entreprenuers and artisans across the fashion and textiles industry by linking them and providing training, mentoring and business opportunities.

SPINNA Circle is based on the focus pillars:

·  Igniting Inspiration
·  Empowering Entrepreneurship
·  Furthering Fashion

For women designers, artisans and entrepreneurs, this is a dynamic and interactive organisation offering training, mentoring, and business opportunities online and offline.

For buyers, the organisation presents a source of new talent, skills and buying opportunities to expand retailers’ offerings and bring new exciting textiles and fashion to the customer.

For business professionals and experts, it is a forum to work as mentors and provide business inputs to women in this sector.

For supporters and partners, this is an opportunity to engage with development activities globally and locally and be able to have a tangible and sustainable impact through an established forum with a focused development mandate

SPINNA Circle has partnered with the US State Department to showcase women in fashion in Kyrgyzstan and worked with the United Nations Agency – The International Trade Centre (ITC) to connect women in fashion and textiles to global markets. SPINNA looks forward to developing more projects with development partners to link women to markets.

Internships and volunteering opportunities are available worldwide.

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